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Have Your Say!

Have Your Say!

We want to see your creative side!

Calling all 11-25 year olds, We're looking for stories, podcasts, blog posts, articles, poetry, vlogs, posters, graphics, photography, art, music, films! Have your content put on our Blog! Get involved and email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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The Voice of Young People on Safeguarding

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Have Your Say!

We want to see your creative side!

Calling all 11-25 year olds, Have your content put on our Blog! , We're looking for creative works that could include stories, podcasts, vlogs, photography, art, music the more creative the better.

Written work should be under 1000 words. 

A&V should be 5 Minutes or less. 

Images should be set to Instagram size (1080 x 1080). 

If you need help or want to submit email us on CardiffYouthService@Cardiff.gov.uk

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10 Realistic tips to be more environmentally friendly

(From a young person’s perspective)

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1. Buy a reusable coffee cup. 

If you work Monday-Friday with no holidays, and on the way to work every day you get a Starbucks, you will be using 231 coffee cups a year. That’s approximately 2 bath tubs full of a mix of plastic and cardboard which takes years to biodegrade. So on your next trip to Starbucks or costa, buy a reusable cup for £4-£6 and save 25p every time you purchase a drink.

2. Walk more. 

As a young person, it is unrealistic to expect everyone to buy a bike and ride it everywhere because bikes can be costly and sometimes just extra work (bikes breaking, having to lock up bikes, having to travel on roads etc.), but it is not unrealistic to ask you to walk a little bit more. Maybe try walking to school instead of taking the bus, or putting your coat on when it rains instead of driving a car. Walking is free and has lots of health benefits, while driving pollutes the air and only benefits you by getting you places quicker.

3, Shop consciously. 

Online you could buy a shirt for £3, it sounds like a fair deal but that shirt was made in a very environmentally harmful way and will probably brake after a month of two, leading you to throw it in the bin… or you could buy a shirt for £30 that is good quality and will last you a year or two. This will lead you to use clothes for a longer amount of time therefor throw less clothes out, wasting less.

4. Shop ‘second hand’. 

Previously, you had to go to a charity shop to buy second hand clothing (which is still a much better option than buying brand new because you are saving clothes that would otherwise be wasted for a cheaper price and the money you pay goes to charity) but now you can go on apps like EBay, or vinted to buy second hand things for good prices and they get delivered straight to your door. Alternatively, you can also sell things online or donate things to charity shops, you then are not throwing perfectly good clothes away just because they don’t fit anymore, or it you changed your styles. Then somebody else can buy it and use it and then sell it on, creating an environmentally friendly cycle of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

5. Don’t use unnecessary appliances. 

This one is simple. If you’re a little bit cold, put a jumper on instead of turning on your central heating. If you’re having a shower, time yourself so you don’t use so much water, or have a bath instead which surprisingly uses far less water than a 10 minute shower. Turn the TV off when you leave the room. Turn lights off when you’re not in the room. Don’t leave things plugged in when you’re not using them.

6.Buy a reusable water bottle. 

Most schools in Wales sell non-reusable plastic water bottles for 85p, whereas local supermarkets sell reusable plastic water bottles for £2. If you buy a water bottle everyday that’s approximately just over £4 a week, where as a reusable water bottle lasts for months and you don’t have to pay to use it.

7.Reduce your plastic consumption. 

This is quite a simple change. Instead of buying a plastic honey bottle, buy a glass jar and then you could reuse the jar for other things. Instead of buying shampoo bottles every month or two you could buy a shampoo bar which has no plastic wrapping and it lasts up to 6 months. Even the smallest things like buying a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one will gradually make a great difference!

8. Use local recourses. 

For example, a city could either have a million houses with printers in them, printing things every day, or encourage people to use the printers at local libraries. This would help to reduce the use of paper and ink.

9. Reduce your fuel use. 

If you put £50 worth or fuel into your car you are more likely to take unnecessary journeys and use the whole £50. If you only purchased £20 worth of fuel, you are more likely to be more cautious and aware of you fuel consumption.

10. Talk about it! 

Making other people aware of ways that they can make small changes that won’t be an inconvenience is so important! SPREAD THE WORD.

Witten by Young Creator Ffion

What is climate change and what can we do? 

Untitled design 2 2 min

The world is getting warmer and this is having catastrophic affects. Sea levels are rising, biodiversity is decreasing and people are dying. But why? Everything we do has an effect on the world, from driving to school to buying new clothes.

However there are people in power who have a greater responsibility to reduce climate change. Recently there has been a meeting in Glasgow called COP 26. This was a conference that brought together world leaders to address and arrive at targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for their country (also known as their carbon footprint).

Our carbon footprint is a measure of how much carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere as a result of our decisions.

So what are some things we can do to reduce it?

Shop second hand and be mindful where you are buying from. If you check where your clothes are from most of them will say ‘made in China’ and if not they probably won’t say Britain anyway. When we buy clothes they have to be transported from a different county to ours which affects our carbon footprint. To combat this try and shop second hand. There are loads of charity shops dotted around Cardiff that offer really good quality items. Apps such as Depop or Vinted are becoming popular and encourage buying second hand. If you want to buy new, try and buy from a company based in Britain to reduce the distance it has to travel.

  • Eat less meat. Having one meat free day a week or even a month will make a difference. At the moment a lot of deforestation is a result of making more space available for farms. Cutting down trees releases carbon dioxide it absorbed back into the environment. This destroys ‘carbon sinks’.
  • Use less single use plastic. Get refillable bottles and reusable straws. Rather than relying on Tesco meal deals, try and cook a meal. Bring a carrier bag from home rather buying a plastic one from the supermarket. These small decisions can have a big consequence on the world by improving marine life as well as human health.
  • Learn about the problem (like you are doing now).

Written by Young Creator Hana

Climate change is ruining lives

There is Only One Earth


Climate change is ruining lives


Lives of humans and animals are presious 


It makes me feel painfully powerless


Most people are unaware of the peril


Animals are defenseless and suffering


The world is dying as fast as a cheetah




Cycle and recycle, they say


How much of a difference will that make


All these businesses are selfish are not to blame


No more fonests when the scorching flames are near


Gone is the once peaceful world


Earth is still here, lets keep it that way!

Written by Young creator Seren, Graphic by Ed Young Creator


My Bad Romance

Untitled design 3 min

My name is Earth and… well, I am writing to you in hopes of help to whoever is reading this. I am a victim to a toxic, manipulative and abusive relationship with the world; politicians and their lying and cheating friends they call humans.

I remember a time when everything just seemed so… happy. No humans fighting and calling it wars, or hurting or hitting me with toxic smoke and polluting my landscape with these hideous and monstrous machines. Animals lived peacefully, and although things such as the food chain, competition plagued my world, not so much of it was harmful. It felt like it was something I myself can live with and get by day by day since I myself cannot do something personally about it. That was until humanity too evolved. 

I welcomed them, with nothing but open arms, I shown them what I myself as a planet have to offer; materials they need to survive on and shelter from my sudden upsets of bad weather or natural disasters beyond my control. I gave them food, a place to call home in the peaceful landscapes of the mountains, plains, etc. 

Humanity started to spread at the invention of ships; and as happy as I was for humans to use the resources I had to offer, just too much was being used. And after wars and continuous use of my  materials for these humans to fight silly arguments, I started to feel as though what I was providing these guys was being exploited. I had no issues giving, but in return I got nothing and taken from me too fast for me to replenish.

However, I foolishly was not able to react. I could not provide bad weather or natural disasters as a precursor, as I do not wish to launch this harm on anyone. Our relationship became poor and broke down and well… I was hit. The first time I was hit was the invention of what these humans called a steam or machine revolution. It benefited their needs but… what about me? I have no issues with the sailing ships going around the world but this is too much and will hurt me. But did they listen?

However, I had no hope of stopping it. This is just the beginning, and my first encounter with politicians. I do not blame them but, at least not to start with. They had no way of knowing what they were doing to me was harmful despite my warnings and uses of bad weather. A coal revolution was sweeping the world, and what I thought was an awesome invention of sailing has now been contaminated with what is called engines. They make boats go much faster, but give of harmful fumes. This is not the only issue with this however; coal has been discovered hiding in my mountains and now my landscape started being polluted and exploited by humans. This was the second time I have been hit, and trying to stay strong I did not show my hate toward humans. 

Politicians also joined the fight here, and the exploitation of oil polluted me even more. This was the aftershock of the second hit, which brought me to my knees and was the start of my walls giving way to my anger and hatred. Their wars resulted in a lot of these materials being more and more exploited, and the evolution of warfare and the introduction of mass production was even more assault. 

Poor weather in what the western world call the 70s and 80s was the result of my walls breaking. I have taken enough and if this continues I will not have any intent or resolve to hold it back. And as scientists and good people discovered how their actions are polluting me, I really did hope politicians can take note. I did, I did. I was on my knees here begging for it to stop, but what did I get in return? Despite clear evidence, nothing changed. I was still being exploited and abused by these…. Monsters. 

And alas, they take note; nuclear energy, windmills and use of dams have partially helped? Although I am being fed more and more lies and gas lit into believing false prophets they promise. ‘Nuclear energy is clean!’, is something I have heard a lot. It gives me a little space to breathe ultimately but… where does this waste go? Straight into my landscape and radioactive polluting my soil. Idiocy in how these plants are run have also damaged me even more, such as Chernobyl. If they cannot even control these places they should not even be run at all!

And now, as of 2021, I have reached boiling point and I need help to stop myself from doing something stupid. I have endured enough abuse since the dawn of humanity; and now I have had enough., By 2030 no one can determine where exactly this planet will be. For all I know, it could well exceed my boiling point and my devastation on the earth can end everything including myself. No one is taking note but the younger audience, and these politicians are either deaf or do not care.

I am really really hoping to end the abuse and trauma I have sustained, and for my sake as well as yours please… stop. I am on my knees right now, and my walls are crumbling. Nothing but evidence and suggestions can guide you away from hurting me even more than you have. These scars can go away, I just know it…. Your politicians call me beautiful, but… Why do the other humans say I am a mess and why am I still hurting? 

Please… read this and take note before well….. no one knows exactly, but what can happen next might not be pretty…

Your mother,


Written by Young Creator Lewis

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Have Your Say!

Have Your Say!

We want to see your creative side!

Calling all 11-25 year olds, We're looking for stories, podcasts, blog posts, articles, poetry, vlogs, posters, graphics, photography, art, music, films! Have your content put on our Blog! Get involved and email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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The Voice of Young People on Safeguarding

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