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We want to see your creative side!

Calling all 11-25 year olds, We're looking for stories, podcasts, blog posts, articles, poetry, vlogs, posters, graphics, photography, art, music, films! Have your content put on our Blog! Get involved and email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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The Voice of Young People on Safeguarding

Click Here - to take a look at our 6 Goals for Cardiff!

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6 Goals

The Voice of Young People on Safeguarding

Take a look at our 6 Goals for Cardiff below!

  • In Cardiff we are committed to ensuring all children and young people are safe happy and thrive.

    We recognise that a bespoke approach is required to ensure the safety of adolescent young people in our City. It is crucial that we work collaboratively with a range of partners to ensure young people living in Cardiff will feel safe and will be safe. Watch the video below, click on the goals above or read the full plan by clicking on the link below.

  • Young people feel safe.

    Young people feel safe, understand how to keep safe and how to assess risk. Increased cultural awareness and professional understanding of a young person’s life history Improved information sharing between professionals, utilising existing tools (i.e. My Concern) to share concerns, collate and map ‘collective risk’ and reduce the number of times young people need to ‘tell their story’ Reviewed policies relating to safeguarding adolescents and redeveloped process and procedures linked to extra-familial risks. Established opportunities for multiagency partners to discuss and share information and intelligence relating extra-familial contexts and overlapping vulnerabilities. Increased peer led support work for young people- a lived experience can be more valuable than professional expertise.

  • Young people have improved health and wellbeing.

    Staff have the skills to recognise and respond effectively and appropriately to young people’s mental and physical health needs. Practitioners are aware of the services available to young people and support young people to access what they need. Staff remain involved as a supportive factor throughout. Staff are aware of relational and trauma informed approach to practice. Develop support for young people and their families who are living with substance misuse (CRAFT Programme) Young carers feel they are supported and have access to opportunities and respite.

  • Young people and families can understand and assess risk.

    Professionals, family carers and young people themselves have a sound understanding of contextual safeguarding and associated risk factors Young people are supported and know how to stay safe online, increased awareness of cybercrime, grooming and mate crime Improved and adapted risk assessments and interventions to routinely provide opportunities for adolescents’ own views and perspectives to be reflected. Improved mechanisms and processes developed to better work with parents / caregivers as partners in order to safeguard adolescents

  • All young people will have access to education and activities that will help them prepare for thier future.

    Increasing access to meaningful social, non-formal, informal learning via youth services for young people in their communities. An embedded prevention and ‘place-based’ system that ensures key ‘adolescent services’ are collaborating in order to target services to the right person at the right place and at the right time. Improved governance and alignment of adolescent services – Pulling together all key services working with young people across the City including voluntary and third sector organisations. Enhanced education, support and mentoring for young people, with particular reference to good sex and relationship education, employability skills and education which is directly linked to an offer of employment, including young people who may be excluded from education/on reduced timetable. Enhance the Into Work offer to provide support. Increased coordinated services for supporting young people in to work. Improved connections with employment services to support young people who are not wishing to transition into further education

  • All young people have a stable home and support from a community.

    Better accommodation options for young people, situated in areas that they know, close to the centre of networks and support. Practical, ongoing tenancy support Development of preventative programmes and Improving early identification and intervention in order to prevent young people becoming homeless. Increased mediation with families at the right time to avoid crisis. Young people are supported to feel confident and emotionally prepared to live independently if required.

  • Young People have Positive Transitions, They will receive guidance to overcome their struggles and help to adapt to change.

    Better transition, with specific reference to transitions for care leavers and young people after the age of 18 Improved services to support young adults 18+ who are or have been exploited. Extended support beyond 21 years into adulthood if needed. Improved transition and transfer of cases to adult safeguarding. Improved working between ‘youth / Childrens services and adult services to share best practice. Improved transition support and support for the needs of young people involved in the Criminal Justice System, including prisons, secure homes and under probation/YOS supervision. Improved package of support for young people as young parents.


Young Persons Safeguarding Strategy

Young Persons Safeguarding Strategy

Through consultation with our partners and young people, The Voice of Young People on Safeguarding outlines our commitments, principles and goals in ensuring young people have genuine choices which will empower them to live their best lives in Cardiff. We realise that we need to work together to make positive, systemic changes in order for young people to live safe lives in our city. To read our full Young Persons Safeguarding Strategy, Click Here.

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Safeguarding Project

During this process, I have learnt many things for example I have learnt how to manage money, how I look in cartoon form and many more things. I have enjoyed this event as I was introduced to new people, discussed concerning issues within Cardiff. This helped me to get an insight of people’s opinions and what might people go through. This experience has made me reflect on my viewpoint of safety and how big of a problem it is. My personal experiences have also related to this topic.

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This will be useful for people who are in danger and for those who need help. People may feel alone but if they can relate to someone, they may feel relieved. Firstly, we came up with a plan on how we will successfully complete an animation, we created characters of certain individuals, picked a theme song and we even discussed how the money should be spent, regarding advertising the animation.

We have a budget of £500 and would hope to spend £200 on Instagram as it is a bigger platform than other social media apps such as twitter. Furthermore, the other £200 should be spent on Facebook as the older generation usually socialise more on this app. The remaining £100 should be spent on Snapchat because people could share links, post on stories (etc).

To find out if the animation made a difference or an impact on people, we could carry out a survey at the end. We will gain different perspectives and adapt to this to future events. We should reflect on the document to make sure every voice is heard, everyone’s opinion is considered and everyone is safe.

written by young person


Safeguarding Project

Young Peoples Safety

I have been involved in this project about young people’s safety. I really enjoyed how some of the people got a little animation that looks like them. We also did voiceovers of characters story’s. I believe this will make a impact to the people who can relate to the stories.

I think the project was fun and i got a lot more confident. It could of been better if we got a animation app (like flipaclip) and tried to do little stickman animation. I think lots of people will be able to relate to the characters.

Written by young person

Young Peoples Safety

Content Creation

Creating videos and sharing them is always an ideal way of selling their media or product: whether it be via social media, on the radio or even on the TV. Creating a blog or video editing is also a key way of drawing in the audience, as it is simply not a boring old person rambling on about the media youth Service with the intent of boring everyone to death rather than actually selling the product.

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Within one week, learning how to make videos and the skills to edit videos were taught to most of us working for the Youth Service. We have realised most of the selling for the media must be via social media as to grab the most attention of our targeted audience of the young adults. This is also ideal, since the generation of young adults do not have any plans of reading a giant essay on social media, and would rather spend less time watching a video.

This has created a challenge for us in the team, since we only had a short amount of time to shoot this video and grab that audience’s attention. And although we learnt lots in terms of how to make videos, we believe the skills we have developed are the best in grabbing the attention of others.

Using certain software, we have created characters sharing similarities with young people. These characters are therefore relatable and using another software the movements and gestures.

I felt as though this experience was extraordinary, as I felt that learning these skills were exclusive to just the Youth Service. This not only also managed to lure some people out of their shell, it also gave us the chance to share countless ideas and possibilities on how to tackle the task at hand, and also shown us the opportunity to see how different people tackle each task differently.

This truly is an experience to remember, and something exclusive only to a few small groups such as ourselves. Team work is also a key skill here, and something that gradually improves with practice. Creativity skills are also a priority; although some of you might believe you lack the creativity, just speaking your mind and expanding your ideas are equally appreciated and relevant.

Not only were these skills taught through creating media, but given the current circumstances of Covid-19, it was a simple pleasure to be talking to each other and to see some of the team.

Written by Young Creator Lewis

Content Creation

This Week Was Fun

This week was  fun and interesting experience for me. We focused on creating and developing content for the safety in Cardiff, young people athered to work alongside Cardiff council and the youth service to create digital content for the safety document.

I have really enjoyed partaking in such an important process with the youth service and young people, the young people have been working hard for this campaign and their creativity has shone through. I feel quite honoured to have been asked to support and work alongside the young people and the team we have created and developed such an important campaign. It has been incredible to see the process from start to finish and to see the young people’s opinions feelings and ideas really considered and brought to life.

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At first, I was a bit worried that I was not going to be able to understand the process or get involved as I am not very creative digitally, however, I have learned some new things and been able to develop knowledge around creating digital content and the process behind it. seeing the young people’s ideas unfold and come to life has been a really really good experience for me as part of my placement. It has been quite rewarding to see the young people get involved and enjoy the experience so much.

Written by a Youth Work Student 

This Week Was Fun

Creativity is Key

My name is Eshaan Rajesh, and I'm a 17-year-old Sixth Former. How does a young person make an entire capital city a better place to live? And also achieving that ambitious goal in just 1 week? The answer lies in creativity. When the word 'creativity' comes to my mind, I think of a supernova explosion of artistic energy that is always lying inside every one of us, waiting for its powerful potential to be unlocked. This implies that everybody has creativity, and we all have every opportunity in life to utilise it to execute remarkable feats of greatness.

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Fortunately, one such golden opportunity was gifted to me by the Cardiff Youth Service, as I was already in their Young Creators group. It was known as the Adolescent Strategy. It married my creativity with my fiery passion to deliver positive change to our society. At first, I thought my creativity could only be used as a showcase of art and paintings, but after undertaking this 1 week half-term project, I realised that I can use it to fulfil my duty, as a global citizen, to make the world a better place. 

And guess what? I got to make my city a better place via an exciting project, and in doing so, I received ingredients to make a Vegetarian Pizza as well as a £40 Amazon voucher as rewards! What more would you want for a 1 week half-term in lockdown?


Creativity is Key

Behind the Scenes

Over the course of the week, me and other members of the Cardiff Youth Service have been working together with Youth Friendly team.

The video consisted of four animated characters talking about how they don’t feel safe, and a narrator explaining the docuemnt. The video ends with the characters saying that they feel safe, which is the goal the strategy plans to achieve.

-Read More-

The experience was definitely worthwhile as, not only did it involve us young people making a difference, but it also gave me experience at writing blogs, recording voices for characters and it also let me go behind-the-scenes and discover how an animated video goes from an idea to a finished product.

My favourite part of the project was choosing the right audio track – since I have quite a bit of experience with editing, I know that the audio can be the difference between an excellent video and a mediocre one. So choosing the right audio was important – eventually after a bit of browsing, we found the ideal track – bouncy and upbeat, which would help lift the viewers’ spirits.

Looking back at the video, I think the video will have a greater impact on young people, as there were a wide range of ages working on the production – the ideas and concepts that were proposed will possibly have a greater effect on young people, considering the fact that the ideas were suggested by young people – this will make the video more relatable and understandable for young people.

Overall I enjoyed the experience, of course it wasn’t the same as face-to-face, but it was the next best thing.

written by a young person

Behind the Scenes

My Involvement in The Voice of Young People on Safeguarding





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St Mellons Youth Centre


St Mellons Youth Club is a busy centre in the heart of the St Mellons community, providing support and services to young people and the wider community. Young people can come to the centre to engage in a range of activities. These range from music and arts activities to issue based work, life skills projects and socialising in a safe environment. We have a music studio where you can learn skills around beat making or singing, as well as an indoor sports hall to take part in sport and physical activity. We also have a kitchen where you can learn to cook. Qualified staff are on site to offer information, advice and guidance on a range of issues for young people. 

The provision is based witihin a community hub which offers a range of support and access services including: housing, money advice, into work and library services.

Youth club has saved my life, I’d probably be in prison if I didn’t come here and use the music studio and chat to the Youth Workers’ (Young Person)

Opening times

The Youth club is open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for 11-25 year olds.

Tuesday     Junior (Yr 7, 8+9) 6:15-8:45pm

Thursday   Senior (Yr 10+) 6:15-8:45pm

Friday         Senior (Yr 10+) 6:15-8:45pm

I’m looking forward to doing the Young Leader’s course and helping out with Junior Youth Club like Callum did (Young Person)

This is an open access provision, meaning you can just show up. If you'd like to have a chat before coming, please get in touch through either social media, phone or email. Details can be found below:

Have Your Say!

Have Your Say!

We want to see your creative side!

Calling all 11-25 year olds, We're looking for stories, podcasts, blog posts, articles, poetry, vlogs, posters, graphics, photography, art, music, films! Have your content put on our Blog! Get involved and email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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The Voice of Young People on Safeguarding

Click Here - to take a look at our 6 Goals for Cardiff!

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